Safebuild Meetings

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Transparency in Safety - Sharing Innovations

Downloand the presentation featuring presenters speaking on the topic of safety innovations from leading builders, owners and suppliers in the Pacific Northwest.

Each year, SafeBuild Alliance hosted a variety of speakers from firms and organizations in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The each spoke on the topic of innovation, and shared ways that our members and others throughout the industry can model or investigate for their own organizations.

If you missed the meeting, or would like to learn more about the innovations presented, you can download a PDF copy of the presentation here.

Please note: These activites and innovations presented are for reference only, and do not constitute an endorsement from SafeBuild Alliance, its board or its members. Do your own due diligence before implementing new technologies, equipment, processes or procedures.

Presented by ANEW.

Thank you for your ongoing support of SafeBuild Alliance!


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